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If you think, we are missing any good inspiring geets on this website, please let us know using the form below. If you have the links to that geet or lyrics of that song, let us know too.

This website is an attempt to bring together people with like minded interests in patriotic and inspirational geets.

I will respond to your comments through e-mail, to the best of our abilities.

In addition, if you have any geets that you can share with others, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Ham hindu sher hai song send me

diwas kalcha aaj sampla prabha udyachi disli re,
vidnyanache yug he aale chala swagta samore

Mitho mitho bol tol tol bol

sir pls send me yaad avey mori maa female original song

"Langauge- Kannada,
Song: " Hindu Rashtrada parama Vaibhavada Saadhana Margadali"

please upload audio song of ..
क्रांति पग बढ़ाये चल..क्रांति पग बढ़ाये चल

I want dhany dhany dhany ho bharati


I want 2 Songs in MP3. 1 Vishwajayi he Hindu Rastra
2. Panchjanya vijay ghosh

please send me geet of metho metho bol tol tol bol

I want a kavya geet in mp3----asur mardini durga ban maa,kar do pralayankar hunkaar
please send me this song in mp3 as soon as.

i want the song 'ujjala Kar De Jeevan mai"

Chandanamallo manni nattil malayalam song please send to my e-mail address

Please send malayalam song... Bharata Hrudaya Vipanjiyilunarum Raaga Malika Nam......

krupya sangthan mantra ki audio uplabdh kraven.

krupya sngthan mantra ki audio uplabdh kraven.

Please send me song ``sanghashtakam''

mp3 upload kre va babaji ki bhajan

Plz send me Unthe Samaj ke liye unthe, Jagen Swarastra ke liye jagen in hindi pdf content for us.

" Dhamak Dhamk Dhusoo Bole " plzz ye geet share kijiye

Pls send me the song bandemataram

Kripaya, Manawata Ke Lie Usha Ki Kiran Jagane Vale hai Ham. Geet lilkhit or audio avashy Prershit kare. Dhanywad

Desh h pukarta pukarti bharti geet bhejne ka kast kre

pls include the song in tamil bharatha vandhe madaram

कृपया हिंदी को अपनाओ रे गीत उपलब्ध करवाए

please send me song " jaage mera desh mahan'

Please send me the song balidan kahaunda e

Please send me the song balidan kahaunda ever

sir update rakhi bhandana songs

Pl send madhav ji ke geet

plz Send me yugo yugo se behti aai hindi geet.. In soft copy or Mp3
on my mail id -

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