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If you think, we are missing any good inspiring geets on this website, please let us know using the form below. If you have the links to that geet or lyrics of that song, let us know too.

This website is an attempt to bring together people with like minded interests in patriotic and inspirational geets.

I will respond to your comments through e-mail, to the best of our abilities.

In addition, if you have any geets that you can share with others, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

plz Send me my choise song

song name : kesriya balam aao ni padharo mhare des

anybody plz send me "bharatiyum" song id is
thanx in advance

Hi my nephew wants to sing a song i.e."hind daseh ke nivasi.." can any one send me this song to my id :, if it script is also ok for me.
Thanks in advance

please if u happen to know the song, send me too to my id.

Can you please send the song "Hind desh ke nivasi sabhi jan ek hain"


hii i hav the song "hind desh..." give me ur id.
..mine is

please send the lyrics.

Hi, great I'm searching for this song for quite some time (Hind desh ke nivasi...). Can u also send me over at
Thanks in advance.

can ny1 gimme limks to d "mangalashtak" or its lyrics...pls

plz send me "Raghupati raghav raja ram pateetpawan seet raam"

I have three different versions...Russill Paul with 2 versions of his own..One by Ananda Shankar, and one by Shri Hari Om Sharan..can you Torrent..

please provid me shree hari om sharen i regard them very much................

plz send me rastra ki jay chetna ka gan vandematarm
rastra bhakti >>>>>>>>>>

please send me kannada patriotic song, " hachchevu kannadha deepa"


Did you get MP3 version of hachchevu kannadha deepa song?
I can't find it. If you have it could you please e-mail it
to me or send a link to me. I appreciate your help.


hai i am aashiq sharma from chennai.
my e-mail id is please send me "chand chadho gignar's" song as soon as possible

i want marathi sangh geet " Dum dumi ninadalya, nawbati dhadadly, dasha dish"

i want lakdi ki kathi song in readable format

i want download song are kiya karte the sajna tum hum se dur rahke filam name is lal duppta malmal ka 1989

Plz send me Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon Mp3


I need lyrics of following geet

Desh hume sub Deatha hai
hum be kuch dena seko...

kindly send me the lyrics of the song.

Iam new to this website really good.

ple send me vagat marathi

Jai Sri Krishna
i want mahisasurwardhni-stotram (jai jai hai mahisasur-wardhni ramy-kapardhani shail sute) plz give me if u have.

plse send me lyrics of marathi song HEY BHOLAYA SHANKARA please urgently needed also if you have any websites where i can find lyrics of some bhakati geet plse do mail me plse

mera vatan meri jan he

I am looking for a popular Marathi song "Saang Kadhi Kalnaar Tula Bhaav Maazya Manaatala.." from Marathi film Aparadh. Pl send an mp3 version or download link

please send me the song Mile sur mera tumhara.
Thanks and regards,

hav u recd the song "mile sur mera tumhara"??

Please give ur mail ID i ll send the song to u

Can you please email me the video of the song Mile Sur Mera Tumara - the popular song broadcasted in the 90's.

My email ID is

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