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If you think, we are missing any good inspiring geets on this website, please let us know using the form below. If you have the links to that geet or lyrics of that song, let us know too.

This website is an attempt to bring together people with like minded interests in patriotic and inspirational geets.

I will respond to your comments through e-mail, to the best of our abilities.

In addition, if you have any geets that you can share with others, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

jago to ek bar hindu jato to

plz send me tihis song.............byah bindhani bilku mei to kadh parnasi

Please upload Sanghashtakam (Neelabdhiveechi parisevitha punyabhoomi).


Pls send me lyrincs of Assamesse son "aye mati re moro mote...".......

Pls send me Mp3 of Kesari Guhe Samip matta hatti chalala Geet

pls send namasthe sadha valsala mathu bhumi

may i please know who is the singer and who wrote the lyricist of 'namaskarippo bharathamangye'

Please upload Marathi song Omkaar swaroopa - sung by suresh wadkar

PLEASE UPLOAD "sanghtna hi pudhe challi"

Please can you upload song :Wah reva ,wah tor nirmal pani kal kal behto jay" i have heard it on radio but could not found it anywhere..Please if you can please upload it....

please send me geet "yuvako jaago kintu desh kaa shakti jagran shesh hai"

yog nidra
lay sambohdhney sachittam...................
mil jayga kya ji?

I need yeddu nillu veera kannada geet which has inspired me a lot.

kya nannd lal bhie shab ka seet mil sakta he kya..

pl provide me sangha ashtaka 'nilabdivichi parisevitha punnya bhoomi...''


जै धरती माता जे गो माता

Please download 'Kesari guhesamip Mathy Hatti Chalala Marala"

i want kannada samarasa bhavada sarigama swaradalli song pls could i get that song

i want to listen the song charaiveti charaiveri yahi to mantra hai apna. but unfortunately this file having error. so pls send me audio file to listen this at me mail. thanks

asial des hai mera song plz upload in 1 day

Pleae sent the song "Lakshya tak pahunche bina path men pathik visharam kaisa, path men pathik vishram kaisa....."

please provide vishva sangh prarthana on this site -audio and text

desh ke hit hum jiyenge,desh hit mar jayenge

jay bharath jay Rss

plzz can u plzz send me the transilation of hum honge kamyaab in sanskrit .If u can then plzz send me as fast as u can!!!!! :)

pls send it very fast,as it is v nesary to my child.

हम गरीबों के गले का हार वन्दे मातरम
छीन सकती है नहीं सरकार वन्दे मातरम

क्या यह गीत मिल सकता है?

I want this song mere lakhan dulare bol kachu bol mat bhaiya ko rula please send my e mail

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