Honge kaamyaab hum honge kaamyaab

  • Title: Honge kaamyaab hum honge kaamyaab
  • Genre: Social
  • Language: Hindi
  • Length: 2:42 minutes (1.86 MB)
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होंगे कामयाब होंगे कामयाब
हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन
हो हो हो मन मे है विश्वास
पुरा है विश्वास हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन॥धृ॥

होगी शान्ती चारो ओर
होगी शान्ती चारो ओर
होगी शान्ती चारो ओर एक दिन
हो हो हो मन में है विश्वास
पूरा है विश्वास होगी शांती चारो ओर एक दिन ॥१॥

हम चलेंगे साथ साथ
डाले हाथोमें हाथ
हम चलेंगे साथ साथ एक दिन
हो हो हो मन में है विश्वास
पूरा है विश्वास हम चलेंगे साथ साथ एक दिन॥२॥

नही डर किसी का आज
नहि भय किसी का आज
नहि डर किसी का आज के दिन
हो हो हो मन में है विश्वास
पूरा है विश्वास नही डर किसी का आज एक दिन ॥३॥

hoṁge kāmayāba hoṁge kāmayāba
hama hoṁge kāmayāba eka dina
ho ho ho mana me hai viśvāsa
purā hai viśvāsa hama hoṁge kāmayāba eka dina ||dhṛ||

hogī śāntī cāro ora
hogī śāntī cāro ora
hogī śāntī cāro ora eka dina
ho ho ho mana meṁ hai viśvāsa
pūrā hai viśvāsa hogī śāṁtī cāro ora eka dina ||1||

hama caleṁge sātha sātha
ḍāle hāthomeṁ hātha
hama caleṁge sātha sātha eka dina
ho ho ho mana meṁ hai viśvāsa
pūrā hai viśvāsa hama caleṁge sātha sātha eka dina ||2||

nahī ḍara kisī kā āja
nahi bhaya kisī kā āja
nahi ḍara kisī kā āja ke dina
ho ho ho mana meṁ hai viśvāsa
pūrā hai viśvāsa nahī ḍara kisī kā āja eka dina ||3||

yes it is very powerfull

This song is nice one because there are many web address in web file but this is too best in songs. i want to reseve many song in this web site.

I love this song, this is the best inspiring song I ever heard

This song really is my one of the best inspiration song.

It really give me boost & encourgae in a saddy moments of my life.



talk in a language wch s undstud by everybody.. get tat??

this song s marvelous song , the gravity of wordsn valuabke & aimful desisres of the song are somethingh like anything.

i listen it regularly , it increases my energy level a lot , inspires me a lot.

i want to open a school for the needy ones , where i would like this song to be played prior to the national anthem

i luv this song really very much. whenever i was sad or alone. i am listen this song it fills positive energy and confidence. in the situation of trouble if we heard this song we get a courage.. JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!

don u find t too mch... ? i mean stop xaggeratin t u fool...

anybody translate this to sanskrit please

this song increase confidence

From many days i was searching for thissong and i got it here...

This song really fills confidance and positive energy in me.

Every day morning and evening i'll listen this song,I don't anybody in my life to tell me some goodthings or to guide me.I have struggeled a lot from my childhood,But whenever i'll listen this song i'll get great strenth................

Hum Hindustani Such Mai ek din jaroor Bahut Kamyab hoge
Tab koi bhe Indian vedash ke or nahi bhage ga balki vedashi hindustan aaya ge

The song "Hum Honge Kaamyaab" was written in the 1970s by my Grand-Uncle, the late Renowned, Award-Winning Poet SHRI GIRIJA KUMAR MATHUR. It was first sung publicly at the Red Fort in Delhi.

It was wonderful to hear it being played in the movie "My Name is Khan" - and brought shivers down my spine each time I saw a scene where Shah Rukh Khan sang it !!
We are blessed that the movie has brought this song into the limelight and has lifted the spirits of so many.
Response submitted by Madhu Mathur Anand -(Professional Recording & Vocal Performing Artist)

you are written too gorgious,ido not know what are you written this topic. so you are explain your think.


nice song , nice site to find patriotic songs

thank you very much for your post.

Thank you very much! This is a great song and I am really happy to download it. Thanks once again

Ravi Shanker

JAI HIND !!!!!!!! very clear and easy to learn . when i heard it , i too started singing with it.

good meangings of songs of patrotic songs...

this song gives me strength,faith and confidence to come up in my life and career, and i wish all my citizens to overcome in their lives

यह वेबसाइट गीत ढूंढने के लिये बहोत अच्छी है।

I like this songs.
har ek hindustani ko josh paida kar deta hai.

great song
i remember when i was kid i heard this song 1st time in movie named "jane bhe do yaaron" great memories....thoes days never comes..

This is a very wonderfull Song,

who write the hum honge kamyab.
who is the singer of hum honge kamyab.
who write thye ramayan in farasi.

please reply with answer

I love this song. This song gives me inspiration. Thanx

wow hum zarror hain kamyaab proud to be an INDIAN

hey the song is really nice, i love it and yeah original was we shall overcome -- now can anybody put some light from which hindi movie is this song from and when it was first released in hindi.

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