Ekatmata Mantra

  • Title: Ekatmata Mantra
  • Genre: Mantra
  • Language: Sanskrit
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यं वैदिका मन्त्रदृशः पुराणाः इन्द्रं यमं मातरिश्वा नमाहुः।
वेदान्तिनो निर्वचनीयमेकम् यं ब्रह्म शब्देन विनिर्दिशन्ति॥

शैवायमीशं शिव इत्यवोचन् यं वैष्णवा विष्णुरिति स्तुवन्ति।
बुद्धस्तथार्हन् इति बौद्ध जैनाः सत् श्री अकालेति च सिख्ख सन्तः॥

शास्तेति केचित् प्रकृतीः कुमारः स्वामीति मातेति पितेति भक्त्या।
यं प्रार्थन्यन्ते जगदीशितारम् स एक एव प्रभुरद्वितीयः॥

English Transliteration:
yaṁ vaidikā mantradṛśaḥ purāṇāḥ indraṁ yamaṁ mātariśvā namāhuḥ |
edāntino nirvacanīyamekam yaṁ brahma śabdena vinirdiśanti ||

śaivāyamīśaṁ śiva ityavocan yaṁ vaiṣṇavā viṣṇuriti stuvanti |
buddhastathārhan iti bauddha jaināḥ sat śrī akāleti ca sikhkha santaḥ ||

śāsteti kecit prakrutiḥ kumāraḥ swāmīti māteti piteti bhaktyā |
yaṃ prārthayante jagadīśitāraṃ sa eka eva prabhuradvitīyaḥ ||

Whom (Yam) the Vaidika Mantradrashah (those who have understood the Vedas and to whom the mantras were revealed), the Puranas (stories and history of ancient times) and other sacred scrip­tures call: Indram (Indra, the God of Gods), Yamam (Yama, the eternal timeless God) and Mātariśvā (present everywhere like air). Whom the Vedāntins (those who follow the philosophy of Vedānta), indicate by the word Brahma as the One (ekam) which cannot be described or explained (Nirvachaniya).

Whom the Śaivas call (Avochan) the Omnipotent (Yamisham) Śiva and Vaishnavas praise (stuvanti) as Vishnu, the Buddhists and Jains (Baudhajainaha) respectively call as Buddha and Arhant (without any end), whom the Sikh sages (Sikh-santaha) call Sat Śrī Akāl (the timeless Truth).

Some (kecit) call Whom as Śāstā, Mother Nature, Kumāra, some call It Swāmī (Lord of the Universe and protector of all), some Mātā (divine mother) or Pitā (father). To whom they offer prayers, It (Sa) is the same and the only One (Eka Eva), without a second (advitiyah).

yaṁ vaidikā mantradṛśaḥ purāṇāḥ LYRICKS IN TAMIL I NEED JI

Ekatata stotra kis kriti se liya gaya hai..?

Excellent Mantra.Even if modified kindlly add other religion Gods Christ, Allah,and remaining. Then it is complete.Great Mantra

The Christian, Islamic and Judaic religions (Abrahamic) religions reject such a thought and claim exclusivity. The ones mentioned here are the dharmic traditions that propound mutual respect.

It is for Hindus.



Who is the author of this wonderful mantra ?

I AM what u search as the beginnings and the end and...?

best one for meditation.

Thanks for such realistic meaning.

meaning in hindi must here

Love to remember my school memories and thanks for meaning

Jai shreeram bhaisab

Kripaya ant me "katichit Kumara" ki Jagah Par "Prakrutihi Kumara" me pariwartit karen.! Sangh(RSS) k Naye syllabus me wha Prkrutihi Kumara Kia Gaya Hai.!

bhai sab ye mantra sangh ka nhi apitu veda ka h. or sangh k change kr dene na to mantra change hoga or na hi Veda

Bhai,this mantra was first written and introduced by RSS pracharaks during the time of balasaheb deores ji's time

does its copy rite of RSS so make change as RSS do. its part of hindu Adhyatm , not of RSS aadhtyam , under stnad make you mind according to HIndu Philosophy

Pleas Send me Maa Ganga Manra Japa In Marathi

thanks a lot..om shanti......

koi bhi geet download nahi ho raha h.
kripaya meri samasya ka samadhan kare

Click download audio file
simply download file
Thank you

download latest browser


pl help me to downloadimg

right click on audio file--> click " save audio as"

which cannot be described or explained (Nirvachaniya).not Nirvachaniya it is ANIRVACHANIYA

well these mantra is very well ...
i like very much
Very good work.....keep it up....

There is a typo in the Sanskrit as well as in the English text.

प्रार्थन्यन्ते --> प्रार्थयन्ते
praarthanyante --> praarthayante

The audio is correct and wonderful.

Thank you.

dear reader

_edāntino in line 2 seems to have lost its v in front

jai guru dev

Simply awesome!!! I suddenly remembered the skola i learnt in school...and found this site while i googled...U made my day :)

There are a lot of mantra in dainandini and shishu mandir book. All has to be come up on internet.

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