Vishwamakhil Muddharatumami Nirmita Vayam

  • Title: Vishwamakhil Muddharatumami Nirmita Vayam
  • Genre: Bharat
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Length: 4:20 minutes (3.96 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
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विश्वमखिल मुद्धरतुममी
निर्मिता वयम् हरिणा निर्मिता वयम्
मानवम् समुद्धरतुममी
प्रेषिता वयं प्रभुणा प्रेषिता वयम् ॥प॥

सङ्कटाद्रिभिदुरम् धैर्यम्
धार्यमनिश मिदमिह कार्यम्
मानवम् प्रतिष्ठाम् नेतुम्
तनुभ्रुतो वयम् ... प्रभुणा प्रेषिता वयम् ॥१॥

विश्व सौख्यमेकम् ध्येयम्
तत्कृते शरीरम् देयम्
इत्यवेत्य जगदुद्धरणे
सोद्यमावयम् ... प्रभुणा प्रेषिता वयम् ॥२॥

ईश्वरः स्फुरति न स्वान्ते
अज्ञतान्ध तमसस्यांते
तस्य कार्य मधुना कर्तुम्
योजिता वयम् ... प्रभुणा प्रेषिता वयम् ॥३॥

निश्चितम् यशः परिपूर्णम्
लप्स्यतेत्र जन्मनि तूर्णम्
ईश कार्य करणे निरताः
सन्ततम् वयम् ... प्रभुणा प्रेषिता वयम् ॥४॥

Namaste, I love this song so much. I learnt this in a Spoken Sanksirt Camp organised by Samskrit Bharati, Chennai. I think they have 1 book with many Sanksirt patriotic songs and in that book this song was also there. Unfortunately I lost that book now.

Hope somebody can get the book from Samskrit Bharati and post the lyrics.

I am Sanskrit teacher.this is such a wonderful song.Could you please send me the lyrics.

best song in sanskrit

Best song. Do anyone has its meaning.
vande mataram.

This is really very beautiful song & soft too. I am desperate to understand it, can someone provide the meaning.
thanks, vande mataram.

This is such a wonderful song. I cannot wait to learn it. Could you please send my the lyrics. I would appreciate so much. I would like to sing this as soon as possible.

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